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About is a nice, informative Dutch website which serves as a platform for both motorcyclists and motorcycle companies. We come together at to share our PASSION FOR MOTORS on a daily basis! Normally, the articles are written in Dutch… Today is an exception!

Inspired by this passion, we publish about anything having to do with motorcycles, ranging from the purchase of one to the joys of riding a motorcycle. We know about this hobby from personal experience because we ride them ourselves. Topics you will find on our website are: motorcycle news, motorcycle travelling, motorcycle events, columns, videos, interviews with motorcyclists and motorcycle companies, etc.

Since we first started with we are proud to say that the number of fans and visitors to our website has been (and continues to be) increasing every day. People are sharing our stories and pictures with other people on Facebook and Twitter, and so our community is steadily growing. As we said: the interviews and articles are in Dutch. Because of our stories, pictures and international YouTube videos we receive reactions and questions from all over the world.

It’s a well-known fact: bikers don’t stop at borders, they make friends everywhere.

For business people: we are specialists on content marketing and we know how to write a good article about your product or service. We share your stories. Google is our friend.

If you have a question, please write to us at:

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