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Stories from abroad

‘Stories from abroad’ NEW on Ikzoekeenmotor!

Since we started with Ikzoekeenmotor.nl we are happy to see that our fans and visitors on our website are growing every day. People are sharing our stories and pictures with other people on Facebook and Twitter so our community grows. All the interviews and articles were in Dutch until now. Because of pictures and videos on Facebook I received reactions and questions from all over the world. Ikzoekeenmotor.nl stays a Dutch website, but, to satisfy our fans all over the world, we will write now and then in English. Bikers ride all over the world, and make friends everywhere. The idea to start a special rubric in English started when I talked on Facebook with Sharon Dale Walker, from Banbridge, Northern Ireland.

Sharon Dale Walker, our blogger from Northern Ireland

Sharon will be our first blogger from abroad!! To be continued…